Our story

We collect memories and moments from around the world, crafting them into meaningful jewellery to elevate your everyday style.

Each piece of Catch The Sunrise jewellery is handcrafted by founder Sami Jones in our small independent studio on the rugged north coast of Cornwall.

Wild roots

Hey, I'm Sami. I moved to Cornwall in 2012 in search of a place where I could enjoy more time outdoors. I also found an incredible community of wild women! I feel very connected to the changing seasons, the tides, the moon and all of natures wondrous cycles. It’s important to remember that we’re all part of nature too.

Desert dreaming

Adventures around the world are what feeds my soul and my creativity. I started Catch The Sunrise after falling in love with the desert landscape and wanting to create jewellery with a modern take on southwestern style.

Inspired by nature

When I’m designing jewellery I take inspiration from the wonder of the wilderness, from the golden glow of a Californian sunset to the crisp alpine mountain air. I’m lucky that I get to come home to a place just as magical and anywhere else in the world. 

Golden moments

The name, Catch The Sunrise, symbolises my approach to living life with a wild heart.

It’s about soaking up every last drop of golden joy the world has to offer.

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